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Taking Your Photos at Windansea Beach

Family photo shoot on the beach at Windandsea
Windansea Beach is known for it’s beautiful rock formations

It’s one of the most popular places in San Diego for a photo shoot, and with good reason! Windansea Beach is a magical beach quite unlike any other in our city. With gorgeous rock formations, stretches of golden sand and magical tide pools, it’s not hard to see why it’s the local favorite of so many San Diego photographers.

There are several things to know about Windansea Beach though before you choose it for your family or maternity photo shoot.


First and foremost, check the tide level before you go. Windansea is a very narrow beach and even at a semi-low tide, much of the beach will not be accessible. If fact, it can get downright dangerous at high tide as the waves can crash up onto the rocks above where people often stand. The best time to go is at a negative low tide when all the secret pathways among the rocks are accessible.

Maternity photo shoot at Windandsea Beach in La Jolla
Magical light at Windansea Beach

The Light

As I have said before, Windansea is a magical beach. There is something about the light at this La Jolla spot that makes pictures glow. Maybe it’s the beautiful sunsets or the way the light reflects off the sparkling sand, but it’s breathtaking during golden hour. Which brings me to tip #2. The light is beautiful but make sure you choose the right time of day to shoot your family or maternity session because it can be bright out there. Any good photographer will know that the best time of day to shoot any kind of session is during golden hour – the 60 minutes before the sun sets. This is when that dreamy glow occurs. However, if you aren’t able to have your photo shoot during this time, there are plenty of rocks to use as shade to avoid some of the bright light glare.

Family photo shoot on the beach at Windandsea
An extended family photo shoot at La Jolla’s Windansea Beach

The Rocks

Speaking of rocks, the rocks at Windansea Beach are what make this beach so popular. Beautiful sandstone formations jut right out into the ocean and also provide some dramatic scenery to your photos. At low tide it’s amazing to explore the little nooks and crannies that run along the beach and at high tide they are the perfect place to stand and watch the waves crash below. Head a little further north up the beach and you’ll find some beautiful tide pools that are perfect for checking out the local sea life. A word of caution though. While the rocks are lots of fun to explore – be careful! They are often very slippery, especially at high tide!

Family standing on the rocks at Windandsea
Windansea rocks during high tide

Finally, Your Outfit

Beach sessions are awesome because they are one of the few places that you don’t need to wear shoes! And the sand and Windansea is so soft and fine that it feels amazing on your bare feet. Dress in something comfortable and breezy and definitely wear something that you don’t mind getting wet! Most of my clients end up in the water at some point – it makes for the best pictures!

You can find more of my beach outfit tips here – and if you’re struggling with the right color palette, check out this post.

Maternity shoot with mother to be standing in the ocean at sunset