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What Should I Wear For My Photo Shoot?

Help! What can I wear for my upcoming photo session?

This is probably the biggest question that I get asked once clients have booked a session with me. Fortunately I LOVE helping people put together outfits for their session.

There are a number of do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing an outfit, which is why I provide each of my clients with a handy dandy style guide to help you choose the perfect look for your family portrait session.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your next family portrait.

Be Comfortable

Do wear something you feel comfortable in. If you don’t feel good in an outfit it is going to show in the pictures. Choose something that allows for freedom of movement and makes you look and feel great.

Family walking along the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado

Plan Ahead

This is key! Buy outfits and try them on several weeks in advance of your family photo shoot. This will give you enough time to find an alternative if it doesn’t look or fit how you envisioned.

Keep It Classic

Choose outfits that won’t be out of style in 5-10 years. That way your family photo won’t feel dated when you look at it a few years from now.

Mother and father walking on a San Diego beach with their children

Patterns & Logos

Avoid wearing clothing with heavy patterns or logos. They can be distracting on camera. However, you don’t have to shy away from patterns completely. Putting one person in a patterned outfit and then coordinating the rest of the group with complementary colors can produce an beautiful and cohesive look.

Family sitting on the beach at Scripps Pier in La Jolla


Layers always look good on camera so don’t shy away from them! They add a level of interest and dimension to your pictures, especially when it comes to things like jewelry or accessories. Scarves, shawls, cardigans, or ties are all great items to include in your next family portrait.

Family posing underneath the Oceanside Pier

Coordinated, Not Matchy

The days of everyone dressing alike are over! However wearing different shades of the same color is another story. Different shades of blue or gray can look beautiful on camera. The goal is to mix up the color palette enough so that everyone is wearing something a little bit different but the overall look is cohesive.

Family standing together at South Ponto Beach

The only exception to everyone dressing alike is when it comes to holiday pictures. Then matching outfits can be a lot of fun!

San Diego Family sitting on the beach with a Christmas tree