Best Clothing Color Palettes For A Beach Shoot in San Diego

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Best Clothing Color Palettes For A Beach Shoot in San Diego

Clear blue water, golden sand, and a stunning sunset in the sky. That’s what most people think about when planning a family beach photo shoot here in San Diego. So what should you wear to make your photos Pinterest-worthy?

There are a few different color palettes that tend to work really well for beach sessions. Read on for some inspiration!

Blues, Coral & White

Clean and classic with a fun pop of color, this combo is a favorite of a lot of clients.

Coral, red, blue and white beach outfits

Taupe, White, Blue, Lavender & Pink

This soft pastel palette is perfect for the gorgeous summer sunsets that SoCal beaches are known for.

Blue, purple, pink and white beach outfits

Shades Of Blues & Whites

Pale blue, turquoise, aqua, teal, navy – it’s all good when it comes to wearing blue on the beach!

Blue, white and navy beach outfits

Cream, White, Khaki & Blue

These neutral hues pair beautifully with the natural surroundings and compliments the natural surroundings perfectly.

Blue, tan, white beach outfits

Terracotta, Khaki, Blues & Whites

This sunset-inspired color combo is perfect for the beach!

Terracotta, Khaki, Blues & Whites beach outfit color palette

Olive, Teal, Berry & Ivory

This color combination works especially well for winter beach shoots. The darker hues compliment the dramatic sunsets that we often get in the winter here in San Diego. And don’t be afraid to schedule a beach photo shoot in winter – this season is often much better in San Diego for photos than summer. Click here to find out why!

Best outfit color palette for beach photo shoot

Mix It Up

Sometimes you just want to glam it up and black is always a good statement color when you want to add a touch of drama to your family photos.

Family walking along South Ponto Beach in Carlsbad