Best Clothing Color Palettes For A Beach Shoot in San Diego

Best Clothing Color Palettes For A Beach Shoot in San Diego

Clear blue water, golden sand, and a stunning sunset in the sky. That’s what most people think about when planning a family beach photo shoot here in San Diego. So what should you wear to make your photos Pinterest-worthy?

There are a few different color palettes that tend to work really well for beach sessions. Read on for some inspiration!

Blues, Coral & White

Clean and classic with a fun pop of color, this combo is a favorite of a lot of clients.

Coral, red, blue and white beach outfits

Taupe, White, Blue, Lavender & Pink

Blue, purple, pink and white beach outfits

Shades Of Blues & Whites

Pale blue, turquoise, aqua, teal, navy – it’s all good when it comes to wearing blue on the beach!

Blue, white and navy beach outfits

Cream, White, Khaki & Blue

These neutral hues pair beautifully with the natural surroundings and compliments the San Diego sunset perfectly.

Blue, tan, white beach outfits

Mix It Up

And while I usually recommend lighter and neutral colors for photos on the beach, that doesn’t mean you need to shy away from darker tones. This gorgeous black and red look added a glam touch to this client’s holiday cards!

Family walking along South Ponto Beach in Carlsbad