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Why You Should Include Your Dog In Family Photos

Man’s best friend. Your fur baby. And the perfect addition to your family photo! A lot of people worry about including their dog in their family photo shoot, but the truth is they make a wonderful addition to any photo. After all, they are family too! Here’s how to make your next family photo with Fido a success!

Family holding hands walking along the beach at sunset with their pet dog.

The good news is that there are lots of dog-friendly locations around San Diego for a photo shoot, including several beaches. Depending on the time of year and the location they might need to be leashed, but America’s Finest City is a veritable puppy playground! Some of my favorite places for photo shoots with dogs are Dog Beach in Del Mar, Batiquitos Lagoon, and Felicita Park.

Beach maternity photo shoot with dog at sunset.

Tips For Including Your Dog In Family Photos

  • Bring snacks. Not just for the kids but for your pooch too! Dogs respond well to treats (I mean, who doesn’t??) and they are a great way to get them to look directly at the camera.
  • Bring a favorite toy. It’s the same idea behind a treat – toys (especially squeaky ones) are a great motivator to get your pooch to look in the right direction.
  • If you feel like it, accessorize! You have spent hours picking out beautiful outfits for the whole family – don’t forget your pup! Just make sure whatever they are wearing is comfortable for them.
Beach family photo shoot with dog wearing a bowtie.
A snappy bowtie made an adorable addition to this sweet family photo.
  • If you can, bring an extra pair of hands. It’s always useful to have someone who can hold your pup’s leash when he’s not being photographed.
  • Bring a neutral leash. Brightly colored leashes are fun when you’re out on a walk, but they can look very distracting on camera. A dark or neutral colored leash blends well into the background and doesn’t distract from the stars of the photo – your family!
  • Take Fido for a walk beforehand. This is always a good way to wear off some energy before the shoot and it gives your dog a chance to smell all the smells of a new place so he isn’t so distracted.
Family walking their dogs among the flowers.

So the next time you are wondering whether to include your dog in your next family photo shoot, don’t hesitate! Because with a face this handsome, how could you NOT?

Woman kissing her French bulldog.